Control your privacy by managing advertising choices.

One of the best ways to manage your privacy is to manage and opt-out of advertising personalization settings for the browser that you most frequently use. This is especially helpful on mobile devices where targeted ads will annoy you and potentially expose your personal habits to marketers and ad agencies. Today we will share some […]

Protect your network by implementing DNSCrypt

The Internet Domain Name System (DNS) is truly amazing technology – without it, you wouldn’t be able to type in and reach your destination. DNS was created to assist humans in having an easy address to remember server IP addresses. Think of it as knowing a street address instead of remembering the longitudinal coordinates […]

ONLINE SECURITY – What can you do to become more vigilant?

ONLINE SECURITY – What can you do to become more vigilant? This the first, in series of Blog posts, to help you with identifying the threats and current redirect practices being conducted by online scammers. One of the tactics that online scammers are using to try to fool people into visiting malicious websites is a […]

CCleaner’s argument for open source

For many, many years we have lauded the use of CCleaner to clean and optimize Windows based workstations in many different environments. Unfortunately our stance is changing today. Security researchers at Cisco Talos discovered that the 32-bit version of CCleaner 5.33 was triggering alerts on their advanced malware protection systems. They found that malware was bundled […]

Mobile Device Management – Are you ready?

Do you remember when smartphones began showing up in the workplace over a decade ago? Whether they were company-provided smartphones or employee-owned smartphones phones, many business users were connecting to the corporate network without a hint of a mobile device management policy in place. This is a very dangerous practice, given that many do not […]

Petya ransomware is the same attack vector as WannaCry

Everyone rushed to patch their Windows systems after WannaCry made headlines. If you did patch, good for you! You are protected against Petya, which is mostly affecting systems in Europe. If you haven’t patched your system in a while, please install the critical Windows patch, to protect from the current ransomware attack.  Our observations are that […]

Large Energy Federal Agency – Case Study

Challenge: The agency’s mission is to protect the people and the environment. As such, the agency must ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive IT systems that help the agency achieve this goal. Solution: Symposit provides expert level Systems, Network and Cybersecurity engineering services for the agency’s sensitive IT systems. These services include systems/network […]

Cybersecurity: What’s in Store for 2017?

Symposit LLC founder Bobby Bermudez was featured on Engineering@Syracuse’s Blog! Article is below and original article can be found here March 07, 2017 The cybersecurity battlefield is evolving rapidly, so analyzing threats from the last year can help experts anticipate trends that may emerge in coming months. Here’s a cybersecurity forecast for 2017: Securing the Internet […]

What to do after a data breach?

The Federal Trade Commission has some advice about what consumers should do after a data breach…ehhh Yahoo, we are looking at you! More info at  

Be secure, adopt “less is more.”

I’d like to talk about something very important with regards to computer security, and really computing in general. Computers are indeed complex machines, with many layers of working components working in tandem to present you with a useful and useable experience. Each one of the aforementioned “components” is a potential attack vector for an attacker. […]

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