Is Using Public WiFi safe?

Free Wifi is available in coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, airports, libraries -you name it. Millions of people everyday use this doing everything from browsing the internet, checking emails, and just any internet related tasks. Although, most people do not realize even though there is a password to login, free public Wi-Fi is not […]


What is Formjacking? This is not a new form of cyber attack, but it has recently increased since the past year. It is form of JavaScript-code where cyber criminals hack and take control over the functionality of the site’s form page. This malicious JavaScript code is used to steal credit card details and payment form […]


What is the first thing you grab when you wake up in the morning? Most people would answer this question by saying, their smartphone. Statistics state that an average smartphone user checks their device almost 47 times a day and checks their device within the first hour of waking up or before going to bed. […]

IRS Scam Alert!

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! As April 15th approaches and many are stressed and worried about filing their taxes to the IRS. Although many people take this time of the year seriously, there are people who see this as a way to scam people out of money. It usually starts with a random phone call from a person […]

Apple Scam Alert!

Apple Scam Alert:   There is a phishing scam that has been out for a while which actually spoofs Apple Inc. and it is designed to hoodwink you. It comes in the form of a phone call and/or email. It can start with an ‘automated’ phone call that display’s Apple’s logo, address and real phone number, warning about […]

Rackspace – Resetting the root user password from rescue mode

I was searching for these instructions the other day as I’ve almost never had success resetting the root password from Rackspace’s GUI. Since Rackspace suddenly decided not to host a community forum anymore (whhyyyy?!) we’re posting these original instructions here for those that need the reference: Resetting the root user password from rescue mode Thank […]

Website Security Trends: November 2018

This month we are seeing something a little unusual in terms of malicious traffic- most of the time we see attacks originated in China or Russia however the activity we are seeing is originating primarily from the Philippines and some attacks from France. As a reminder, you should always use a very strong password (preferably […]

US Govt Tracking Sheet for Foreign Tech Companies

We have created the Google sheet for tracking purposes as it relates to the recent slew of foreign technology companies that have been barred or are considered being barred from use by the US Government, either by one or multiple agencies. Commercial and private sector organizations may want to consider this guidance as well when […]

Transitioning from a file-server to the cloud

Symposit was recently tasked by a client to develop a strategy to migrate away from a legacy file server that the company used internally to collaborate, share large files, and store sensitive corporate data. We knew that the server was aging and the goal was to get rid of having a server altogether. Thus, we […]

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