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Byte Back: CEO Bobby Bermudez has been a long-time board member for the philanthropy ByteBack, whose mission is to support underserved adults in the Washington, D.C. area to gain knowledge and digital skills for professional careers related to IT and computers. Bobby and other volunteers deliver programs and support to build computer literacy on a basic to professional level.

Byte Back’s mission is to close the digital divide by providing historically excluded communities an equitable pathway into the digital economy. They achieve this through transformative digital advocacy, digital literacy, and tech certification training.

Computer Core: Bobby Bermudez is currently serving as a board member of the nonprofit organization Computer Core. His volunteerism includes teaching comprehensive adult computer skills, from typing to coding.

Since 1999, Computer CORE’s mission has been to prepare underserved adults to realize career aspirations with foundational digital and professional skills. CORE graduates are proficient in Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and keyboarding skills. They learn how to build their resume, write effective cover letters, and have completed professional development classes.