One of the best ways to manage your privacy is to manage and opt-out of advertising personalization settings for the browser that you most frequently use. This is especially helpful on mobile devices where targeted ads will annoy you and potentially expose your personal habits to marketers and ad agencies. Today we will share some tips on how to do this:


1) From your PC or mobile device, visit
2) The page will load and scan your browser for ad preferences.

3) Once the process finishes scanning, it will display all of the ad networks that your browser is participating in. Looking at the list will show quite a bit of different ad networks and you may be surprised to see how many are hooked into your browser.

4) Your best bet is to hit the big button at the bottom that says “Opt Out of All” – this will take care of those pesky advertisements that always seem to be personalized and targeted based on your browsing habits.

5) Finally, you can install browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, IE to keep your opt-out choices persistent.
For desktop visit:
For mobile visit:

Google Settings

If you have a Google/Gmail account, you’ll also want to control your ad personalization settings for your account.

  1. From your desktop or mobile device visit
  2. Flip the switch to OFF!

While you will still see ads online, at least they won’t advertise to you in a creepy way, based on your interests.
Enjoy a more nuisance free browsing experience!

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