Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Hackers are targeting critical infrastructure and systems – are you prepared?

Without a cybersecurity response plan, your organization and infrastructure are vulnerable targets for cyber-attacks, ransom, or other terrorist acts.

Nearly every day, malevolent acts of cyber terrorism make the news. The 2015 Ukraine power grid attack, the 2020 Durham County Government attack, and the 2021 Colonial Pipeline attack are all recent examples of ransom attacks that held organizations’ data and operations hostage.

In 2023, dark web terrorist shut down two of the world’s most advanced telescopes, with no clear intent. The threat to organizations could literally be catastrophic, from the opening of dams to the destruction of power grids, or exposure of client information to the digital criminal underworld, organizations need to take action now – with solutions that can be implemented today and grow with you.

Your systems’ safety – at that of your customers – is at risk without a cyber strategy. Organizations rely on systems to run infrastructure and manage data, and opportunities to breach those portals grow exponentially. It is estimated that even the most sophisticated machines in the world like the US F-35 jets are more likely to be downed by enemy hackers than by missiles.

Don’t wait. Get a system assessment and start your cybersecurity plan today.

Use case: Symposit recently provided a full assessment and cybersecurity strategy for a dam in the Nation Capital Region. Not only can we partner with you to get started on the first steps to better cyber hygiene, but Symposit’s teams can guide you to grant and funding opportunities.

Symposit’s stepped program starts you on the path to Risk Management right now, starting with assessment and developing a strategic agenda within a few months – and a team of experts to identify the right-fit solution for your organization.

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