XRT4 - Security Training Technology


Better User Experience and Threat Detection in Security Screener Training with Research-based Technology Applications

Symposit Partners with CASRA X-Ray Tutor 4 for Aviation, Cargo, Customs, and Border Security Applications 

“The United States and the global aviation community face an adaptive and agile enemy. Terrorist groups continue to target passenger aircraft, and we have seen a “spider web” of threats to commercial aviation as terrorists pursue new attack methods.” – Department of Homeland Security

Symposit is the Exclusive U.S. Integrator and Partner with CASRA XRT4 Technology Training for Security Professionals. We work in a variety of secure environments to facilitate training and data management of security screener teams. Designed to improve hiring of the right candidates and to improve threat detection in even seasoned security professionals, CASRA XRT4 is a research-based training program with demonstrated increases in productivity and performance. 

Already installed in 50+ countries around the world and over 900 airports, we implement the world’s best tech training, the XRT4 to combat terrorism, smuggling & security risks in the U.S. Our team includes HumanLink, a human-factors engineering firm and CASRA, security researchers and developers of XRT4.

Why Use XRT4 for Security Screening in Aviation, Customs and Border Security? 

  • Premier security screening training technology & data management support 
  • Improve screening metrics, staff efficiency, and commitment enhancing security screening performance 
  • Provides each agency with data to optimize staff resources, increase effectiveness and efficiency and reduce budget costs 
  • Deployable on Cloud, Hybrid, or on-premise 
  • Rapid implementation to train staff better & with proven improved security performance
  • Transportation security applications from airport personnel to Federal Office building staff or cargo shipping screeners
  • Hundreds of X-ray threat and everyday scenarios
  • Better user experience for security professionals

Our mission is security transformation. 

For more information contact us! 

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