Everyone rushed to patch their Windows systems after WannaCry made headlines. If you did patch, good for you! You are protected against Petya, which is mostly affecting systems in Europe. If you haven’t patched your system in a while, please install the critical Windows patch, to protect from the current ransomware attack. 

Our observations are that Windows 10 machines are much better and consistent at applying updates than older machines running Windows 7 or Windows 8. At this point, unless your organization has a business need or application compatibility issues, there is almost no reason to continue running on Windows 7 and at the very least, you should be heading in the Windows 10 direction on your IT roadmap. It is proving to be considerably more secure than it’s predecessors. Alternatively, if you do most of your work in your web browser, you could take an even more secure route and run a Linux based operating system such as Linux Mint.

Petya does seem more sophisticated than WannaCry in the sense that it is more aggressive and invasive. However if you are a client of ours, we consistently monitor and protect your systems and much like WannaCry, none of our clients have been affected.

If your organization needs an IT roadmap, strategy, proactive monitoring or if you want to discuss your cybersecurity posture, please contact us.

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