“sim ·​ pause ·​ it”
1. A portmanteau of symposium and IT.
2. A meeting place for an exchange of innovative ideas between business and information technology.


To help organizations achieve effective and efficient mission success by leveraging modern information technology solutions.

Core Values

1. Do it right.
This means we will do right by our employees, clients, partners and colleagues in everything that we do. We will act ethically, with honesty, integrity and respect in all of our relationships, both inside and outside of work. We will follow the Golden Rule with everybody.

2. Keep it simple.
We will keep all of our communications and solutions as simple as possible. Business and technology can quickly become highly complex, however we will strive to make our work as simple and concise as possible. This is to everyone’s benefit; the easier it is for all parties to understand a problem, the easier it is to resolve it.

3. Give it all.
We will always put our best effort forward to achieve excellence in our work and to help those around us. We will not give up helping our clients and colleagues until every option is exhausted.