A U.S. National Library was seeking better visibility into their network performance and health. With employees working remotely and across multiple buildings, the aging network infrastructure led to frequent outages and performance issues. However, with limited monitoring and no centralized view of the network, problems were difficult to diagnose and resolve.

To address these challenges, they partnered with Symposit to deploy an advanced network monitoring platform and conduct a comprehensive network audit.


– Outdated networking equipment and configurations causing frequent outages
– No centralized monitoring or reporting on network health and performance
– Lack of visibility into bandwidth utilization and network traffic patterns
– Difficulty diagnosing and resolving network issues quickly
– Need to optimize WAN/LAN connectivity and WiFi networks across facility


We implemented our Network Monitoring Platform (NMP) to passively monitor their network 24/7 and alert on anomalies. Key elements:

– Deployed NMP sensors using SNMP to capture health, performance, bandwidth and other insightful data
– Monitored availability and uptime of all network devices
– Set up automated reporting on bandwidth usage trends and network KPIs
– Configured real-time alerts for potential issues to enable rapid response

In addition, we conducted a comprehensive audit of their network configurations, hardware, and architecture. This included:

– Analysis of misconfigurations and recommendations for best practices
– Review of core network services like VLANs, DHCP, DNS, and NTP
– Identification of aging hardware in need of replacement
– Validation of existing network diagrams and documentation
– Prioritized list of improvements to boost performance and security
– Guidance on maintaining compliance with standards like NIST 800-53


Our solution provided the research facility with complete visibility into their network health and performance for the first time.

– Identified problematic network assets causing disruptions
– Assessed network configurations for compliance and best practices
– Recommended updates for outdated equipment and standardized configurations
– Enabled IT to quickly diagnose and resolve issues with centralized data
– Established platform for continued monitoring and optimization

By partnering with us for network visibility and audit services, the facility tangibly improved network reliability and performance while setting the foundation for future security and compliance initiatives.

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