Just a quick note & reminder on how to easily protect your information on your mobile phone. Generally these will apply to pretty much any smartphone…


1) Enable a passcode in order to unlock and use the phone.
2) Don’t allow apps to remember passwords, instead type them all in manually.
3) Enable wiping of the phone after failed attempts to unlock.
4) Delete apps you no longer need.
5) Create a junk email account for registering with apps.
6) Turn on private browsing for your browser.


7) Turn off location services for apps that don’t need it. Pro tip: turn off location services altogether and only enable it when you need it.
8) It’s inconvenient, but for ultimate privacy turn your phone off until you need to use it.
9) Enable a VPN tunnel for your phone’s data.
10) Download and configure a firewall app for your phone.


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