NIH PEI PARTNERSHIP: Connect, Partner, & Grow with Symposit

The National Institute of Health’s Path to Excellence and Innovation (NIH PEI) Program provides partnership opportunities between government contractors and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The program mission is to help HBCUs leverage government procurement to win grants and contracts with NIH.

At Symposit, our goal is to provide your college or university with the necessary skills and resources to win and compete for government contracts for the NIH, and to increase visibility and opportunities for contractors within these academic institutions.


Steven Richardson, Director of Operations to discuss your school’s unique opportunities within NIH PEI. Click here to connect and setup a meeting!

Symposit Resources

Symposit has created a brief survey to help you understand your HBCU and Federal Grant and Contracting Goals

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Contracts vs. Grants – What’s the difference?

A legally binding agreement to acquire goods or services for the direct use or benefit of the Government.
An assistance mechanism to support research for the public good

What are some expectations that I need to meet?

It’s important to note that participation is key for this initiative.
HBCUs are expected to devote at least 10 hours a month to PEI activities. This includes:

  • Attending webinars
  • Multiple training sessions
  • Completing PEI evaluations
  • Selecting and meeting with your team partners and participating in capability briefings.

How can HBCUs market their capabilities?

You can start by writing a Capability Statement, which will serve as an overview of your institution’s core services, missions, and values.

How will this benefit HBCUs?

The goal of the PEI Initiative is to diversify the government contracting pool within the Federal Government, increasing the perceptibility of HBCUs across the nation and assuring long-lasting work opportunities for the overlooked and under-valued government contractors of academia.

For more information regarding the PEI Initiative, please click the link below.

How do I find government contract opportunities?

You can find them here at —
If you are a PEI participant, the NIH database is available at: