Is Using Public WiFi safe?

Free Wifi is available in coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, airports, libraries -you name it. Millions of people everyday use this doing everything from browsing the internet, checking emails, and just any internet related tasks. Although, most people do not realize even though there is a password to login, free public Wi-Fi is not […]

IRS Scam Alert!

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! As April 15th approaches and many are stressed and worried about filing their taxes to the IRS. Although many people take this time of the year seriously, there are people who see this as a way to scam people out of money. It usually starts with a random phone call from a person […]

Mobile Device Management – Are you ready?

Do you remember when smartphones began showing up in the workplace over a decade ago? Whether they were company-provided smartphones or employee-owned smartphones phones, many business users were connecting to the corporate network without a hint of a mobile device management policy in place. This is a very dangerous practice, given that many do not […]

Mobile Device Management (MDM) PT. II

I talked last week about Mobile Device Management and what it is and why you need a MDM policy for your SMB. In large-scale organizations, implementing Mobile Device Management (MDM) is typically a given. After all, with so many employees using mobile devices that either contain or connect to sources of sensitive information, there needs […]

What is Mobile Device Management?

Thinking about letting your employees use their own mobile devices on your network?  Before you agree to a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) scheme, please take a look at protecting your company with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) plan. Mobile Device Management is the ability to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices – typically involving remote distribution […]

10 Tips to protect your mobile phone privacy

Just a quick note & reminder on how to easily protect your information on your mobile phone. Generally these will apply to pretty much any smartphone… Simple: 1) Enable a passcode in order to unlock and use the phone. 2) Don’t allow apps to remember passwords, instead type them all in manually. 3) Enable wiping […]

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