What is Formjacking? This is not a new form of cyber attack, but it has recently increased since the past year. It is form of JavaScript-code where cyber criminals hack and take control over the functionality of the site’s form page. This malicious JavaScript code is used to steal credit card details and payment form […]

IRS Scam Alert!

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! As April 15th approaches and many are stressed and worried about filing their taxes to the IRS. Although many people take this time of the year seriously, there are people who see this as a way to scam people out of money. It usually starts with a random phone call from a person […]

Protect yourself from WannaCry’s stealthier cousin Adylkuzz

If you’re a thief, would you rather bust through the front door, or quietly slip in the back and be in and out quietly and stealthily? Many cyber adversaries prefer this approach to stay undetected and keep a low profile. While the recent WannaCry ransomware attack was highly publicized, another lesser known malware called Adylkuzz has been […]

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