What is Formjacking? This is not a new form of cyber attack, but it has recently increased since the past year. It is form of JavaScript-code where cyber criminals hack and take control over the functionality of the site’s form page. This malicious JavaScript code is used to steal credit card details and payment form […]

Website Security Trends: November 2018

This month we are seeing something a little unusual in terms of malicious traffic- most of the time we see attacks originated in China or Russia however the activity we are seeing is originating primarily from the Philippines and some attacks from France. As a reminder, you should always use a very strong password (preferably […]

Protect yourself from WannaCry’s stealthier cousin Adylkuzz

If you’re a thief, would you rather bust through the front door, or quietly slip in the back and be in and out quietly and stealthily? Many cyber adversaries prefer this approach to stay undetected and keep a low profile. While the recent WannaCry ransomware attack was highly publicized, another lesser known malware called Adylkuzz has been […]

Be secure, adopt “less is more.”

I’d like to talk about something very important with regards to computer security, and really computing in general. Computers are indeed complex machines, with many layers of working components working in tandem to present you with a useful and useable experience. Each one of the aforementioned “components” is a potential attack vector for an attacker. […]

Importance of using two-factor authentication

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it here again. The web, including your data, is under constant attack. Everywhere and all the time. Some of the attacks are automated and come from “robots,” while others are actual humans trying to break in. Failing to utilize two-factor authentication, whereever and whenever possible, will leave you exposed. […]

Change your eBay Password Now!

eBay has recently admitted that it was hit by a cyberattack which compromised user passwords (and non-financial data). The problem with these attacks is that many users have the same password for multiple sites. Meaning a smart hacker could deduce other account passwords with just one. The attack was first detected two weeks ago, but […]

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