If you’re a thief, would you rather bust through the front door, or quietly slip in the back and be in and out quietly and stealthily? Many cyber adversaries prefer this approach to stay undetected and keep a low profile. While the recent WannaCry ransomware attack was highly publicized, another lesser known malware called Adylkuzz has been stealthily infecting computers and exfiltrating processing power to mine a cryptocurrency, namely one called “Monero.” The sticking point with Adylkuzz is that you may not be aware of any infection at all, however it could be seriously slowing down your workstations and networks. Those interested in the techy details like TCP port 445 and SMB vulnerabilities should check out the writeup from the security company that discovered the exploit, ProofPoint.

Protecting yourself from any kind of ransomware involves a comprehensive focus on your IT strategy, mainly:

Whatever the next threat is, you need to make sure that your organization and it’s data is being monitored and protected. Symposit’s daily analysis combined with automated software solutions constantly monitor its clients networks. We can proudly say that none of our clients were affected by WannaCry ransomware.

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