Thinking about letting your employees use their own mobile devices on your network? 

Before you agree to a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) scheme, please take a look at protecting your company with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) plan.

Mobile Device Management is the ability to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices – typically involving remote distribution of applications, data and configuration policies and/or settings for all types of mobile devices such as Androids, iPhones, Tablets and Laptop computers.

Why does your company need Mobile Device Management?

7 Scary Things Employees Can Do With Their Mobile Devices

Companies will benefit tremendously from mobile device security when using mobile device management.  For example, your users can remotely lock mobile devices or completely erase sensitive company data from a lost or stolen mobile device.  MDM also offers secure communications between the servers and devices in order to keep your data secure.

Many hackers look at Mobile devices, for an entry point into your network, since your mobile device is often unsecured or simply not secured well enough.  Malware can infiltrate your corporate network from an App that was installed onto your mobile device, once you connect your device to your corporate network.

Symposit LLC can review your current Mobile Device Infrastructure and make plans to implement a technically sound and secure Mobile Device Management policy for you and your organization.

Ask us how we can help to better secure your Mobile Devices and your Infrastructure.

Next week: I will post another blog about the many different scenarios that your company can experience by not having a Mobile Device Management solution implemented on your corporate network.

Some material reposted from: http://www.pcmag.com

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