Don’t fall into the old paradigm of “it will never happen to me.” While there is certainly a chance that you will never have a need for the backups that you make of your files, if something does happen to your computer, you will certainly be glad that you have them.

You do not have to backup your entire computer, although this is certainly something that many people do, but only the files that are of the most importance to you.

If your system experienced a hard drive crash right now – just think about how much data you would lose:

You can prevent all of this from happening by getting started with a solid backup solution.

Some things are easily replaced, and there is no need to backup these sorts of things, but those irreplaceable documents or family pictures that are yours and yours alone should be saved in a place where they can be retrieved, in the event of an unforeseen hard drive disaster.  That way, no matter what happens to your computer, you can have security in the fact that all of your files are available in your backup solution.

So how do I get started, if I am not backing up my files?

There are many possible methods for backing up your files.  External hard drives have been a very common way, although this is somewhat falling by the wayside as folks are resorting to the Cloud as their primary backup solution.

I have even seen folks still using CDs & DVDs for their backups.  All of that is fine, since those folks actually have a backup routine established.  We are more concerned with the folks who do NOT have a backup solution in place.

Symposit offers a Carbonite backup solution:

There are numerous ways that you can get started; however, first-and-foremost, you will need to identify what files you need to have backed up and an approximation of how much space that your data will take up.

We can help you with all of this.

So, please give us a call if you need assistance; that is what we’re here for.

Whatever method you choose, remember that backing up your files is very important and make sure that you do so, to protect against the worst.  We can configure most, if not all, of the many different backup solutions out there.

We can also recommend a backup solution that is best for you and your data.

Contact us or call us at 571.224.4739 today so we can get started.

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